Our Process
Our process is a mixture of 3 simple components. Whether the project is print or web, they all follow this basic format. It’s not only important for The War on Mars to use this methodology, but it’s equally important for all of our clients to understand it as well.

1. Define
We take time to really understand your project from the very beginning. Meetings are scheduled, questionnaires are sent, and each project is setup on our online project management system. We match the right designer with the right project, but everything we do is a team effort. In addition, we kick-off every project with internal reasearch and brainstorming sessions.

2. Design
Let's be frank... We love to design pretty things that work. We explore new design directions, and revisit vintage styles as well. We match our color theory and typography to the job at hand. Moreover, we take into consideration the audience, to ensure that the design speaks to each individual. So in essence, our design combines equal parts creativity and usability to achieve your end goal and create measurable results.

3. Deliver
Whether it's a website or printed collateral, we see each project through to the finish line. It's important to us that it looks and functions correctly. It's important to us that colors are spot-on and the typography is perfect. And it's most important to us that each client is happy with the end result. We base our business on happy customer...