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Design for the good of mankind… It’s more than just our motto; it’s a way of life. Good design makes things feel better. Moreover, great design makes things work better. We truly believe that our design can create a brighter future.


We're not your ordinary agency — in a good way. By keeping things small we’re able to mold our process to fit each client's needs while providing the attention they deserve. Clients always have direct access to the people doing the work, without unnecessary steps and staff over-complicating the project. In our experience bigger is not better; better is better.


What is The War on Mars? It’s an idea inspired by the US space race of the 1960s, to constantly strive towards the unknown, the unobtainable and the intriguing, in order to make it a reality. We apply this idea to what we design everyday in order to ensure a bright, hopeful future for the design world. It starts with a great idea and ends with even greater results.


The birthplace of The War on Mars was in a dive bar in Chicago. Still in its infancy, the idea then traveled halfway across the country to incubate by the ocean. All grown up, it’s now flourishing in the heart of America’s Finest City, San Diego. Here we're influenced by the sun, sand and surf, in addition to the blossoming art scene.


The War on Mars started when we each found our calling in life. For one of us it started with our first coloring book, while for the other it took a series of events to inevitably point us towards design. Formally the idea was created in 2006, became a reality in 2010 and will hopefully continue to influence the design community well into the future.


We do what we do because we’re as satisfied by the collaborative experience and process as we are by the end result. For us, we're doing something we enjoy, doesn’t feel like work and is actually fun. So we just want to keep having fun. Oh! And we have an affinity for things that look good and work well. Making our clients happy ain't too shabby either.